Thanks very much Jacqueline and Felecia – I’ve already received my cover, so thanks again for the very speedy and efficient service. My friend recommended me to your site and I’m very grateful to her. We had our first outing with `the cover’ yesterday and even though it was a bit fumbly and all fingers to start with (like everything else with babies, you have to get used to it, right!), I am sooooooo happy to have it now and for the first time in ages I actually felt a lot more relaxed/less stressed in company, not worrying about having to dash off as soon as it was feeding time.


I wanted to thank you for sending me my purchase that I made yesterday – it arrived today! I was not expecting to see if for at least a week. Never have I purchased something on the internet that has arrived the following day! You have far exceeded my expectations! Thank you. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends!


As a new mum, I was nervous about nursing in public, I was told by a friend to try the KissKiss HugHug breastfeeding cover.  I had a look and really liked their stylish designs, they were so much nicer than anything else I had seen. Now I have my breastfeeding cover, I absolutely love it!  Not only do I get the much needed privacy to feed my little boy in public, I look great too.  I have recommended the KissKiss HugHug breastfeeding cover to all my friends who now use it too!

Jodi & Finn

I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous KissKiss HugHug breastfeeding cover as a gift from a friend.  Whilst I don’t have any issues about breastfeeding in public, it quickly became obvious that other people aren’t as comfortable about me putting my boobs out there!  So, out of respect for others, I use my beautiful breastfeeding cover when I’m out and about.  It’s the only cover that my bub will tolerate, he can still see me, and he doesn’t have anything draping over his head and face – it’s just perfect.  The fabric design is beautiful, and it folds up neatly to fit into my nappy bag.  I know that our friends are more comfortable around me when I am breastfeeding now, and that’s done wonders for our social life!  An absolute must for new mums – I’m telling my mothers group & antenatal class mums about it!

Ailie & Oscar

Just wanted to say that I recieved my breastfeeding rug, and I absolutely love it!! It is so discreet, but the most important thing is it is really easy to use, I don’t have to worry about indecent exposure any longer. My baby is calm, and I am too. Fabulous invention ladies…I hope this business takes off for you. I have mentioned it to all my friends as well.


I used to just try awkwardly hanging a wrap or nappy over my shoulder… never again! I actually attended a conference on Tuesday and felt more than comfortable with my six week old daughter Piper discretley hidden under my breastfeeding cover and had quite a number of ladies comment on it. It felt great to be able to nurse without flashing my bits to everyone nearby.
Love it, love it, love it.


Hi, just wanted to say I got one of your covers and have been using it for my 5 week old… (since she was born) and I LOVE it… use it all the time with visitors at my home as well as out and about. I really love using it and have also gotten soooo many compliments! Congrats on a well made and well designed product!


I received my breast feeding cover yesterday. I love it! The fabric is just gorgeous. I am really looking forward to using it. Thank you for the wonderful customer service and super quick delivery.

Mount Colah

Actually no word of a lie, I received my breastfeeding cover in the post today and actually it came in handy. I was driving and baby was screaming so I opened it up and started breatfeeding her in the car with the fabulous cover, and had no worries about people looking at me as they walked by. So thanks for the great cover!


Just wanted to let you know that i was very impressed with your services. The website is excellent and the feeding cover arrived in the mail very quickly which is great. I have used the cover once already and it is great for someone like me who is not yet comfortable with feeding in public or in front of other people, I have been recommending them to all my friends.


Thanks for sending my cover so quickly, it arrived the day after I ordered it. I’d been looking for something that allowed me to still see my baby while feeding so your product is perfect. The cover is for me to use but I’ve also recommended it to a friend of mine who was looking for the same sort of thing. I will keep it in mind as a gift for friends having babies in the future.


Thank you so much for my breastfeeding cover!!  I can’t tell you enough how much I love the new freedom & confidence that my feeding cover has given me.  As a first time mum & a modest person I really struggled with being social & breastfeeding all at the same time.  I used to plan everything around my daughter’s feeds and miss out on social interactions, now I can go with the flow & even stay at the dinner table while feeding her!  It’s made my life so much easier and more ‘normal’ like it was before being a mum, now I have the best of both worlds!!  It’s the one staple item all breastfeeding mums should have, even when having a day at home as you never know who will pop in to see you!


I ordered a Breastfeeding Cover from you on Wednesday and was pleasantly surprised to find it in my letter box on Thursday and I wanted to thank you very much for such a speedy delivery. Being a first time mum I have been dealing with lots of baby related businesses, some good some not so good, I have been very impressed with your business. People don’t take enough time to acknowledge businesses’ professional ethics and I thought you would appreciate knowing that I will recommend your business to all my friends and family. I love my cover and just took it to show my sister-in-law who just had a little girl last week…..she loved it as well! So once again thank you.


Thank you so much for the prompt arrival of my Breastfeeding Cover! It arrived on Monday as promised and Darcy was more than happy with it when I tried it that afternoon. The cover worked brilliantly when I was away and kept Darcy focused on the job at hand instead of looking at the water/pool etc and when I was feeding him on the plane. Thank you for a wonderful product and I will let all my friends know about your product and website.


 After 3 months of breastfeeding in public with out using a wrap to cover me (as the little one hated it), I bought one of your Breastfeeding Covers. I wish I had it from the start – its such a great thing to use – thanks, we LOVE it!


I just wanted to let you know that the Breastfeeding Pillow is great! I have used it often and it works great as a bag as well. I have had lots of comments about it (especially how pretty it is!) and my mothers group was very impressed, they also liked my Breastfeeding Cover and my Dummy Saver as well!


 I just wanted to let you know how fabulous your feeding pillow is. I love the pillow for feeding. Not only is it so light and easy to put over the back of the pram when going out, it is also great to be able to just sling it over the back of a chair in the lounge room. It was also perfect for giving my baby more tummy time when she was really little and didn’t like having her face planted into the carpet. However, where this pillow came into its own was for airline travel. Suddenly it transformed from being a stylish, lightweight and portable feeding pillow, to being perfect for supporting a sleeping baby on my lap for a 3.5 hour flight. Even when I’m finished breastfeeding, I’ll be taking my pillow on the airline – for sleeps, and for a sitting support. Wonderful product!


 I absolutely love my breastfeeding cover. I am not overly concerned with breastfeeding in public, but there were just some places where I would not flash! Now I can comfortably feed my baby anywhere – at the table in a restaurant, in the food court at the shopping centre, even sitting on the hill at the footy! I no longer need to feel excluded from social situations because I have to find somewhere ‘appropriate’ to feed my baby. The lovely, fashionable fabric means most people don’t even notice what I am doing. Nobody can see a thing – except me and my baby who can see eachother perfectly. It also rolls up neatly into my handbag. I also couldn’t resist buying a gorgeous bib. It is so trendy but actually is the best bib I own! The towelling is so absorbant. Love it all… wish I had it earlier.

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